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Título: Historical institutionalism and economic policymaking – determinants of the pattern of economic policy in Brazil, 1930–1960
Autor: Guimarães, Alexandre Queiroz
Afiliação: Fundação João Pinheiro
Data: 2005
Descritores: Economia política
Keywords: Economic policy
Palavras-Chave: Import substitution industrialisation
Historical institutionalism
Abstract: From 1930 to 1960, Brazil adopted a pattern of economic policy marked by strong state intervention, high levels of protectionism, disregard of exports and a permissive treatment of inflation. These policies distorted the model of industrialisation and had a negative impact on the prospects for economic development. This article employs a historical institutionalist approach to investigate how the international context, the ideology of the policymakers, the role of the technocrats and the pressures of various social groups, especially the industrialists, influenced decisions on economic policy, contributing to the consolidation of the pattern described above.
Referência: GUIMARÃES, A. Q. Historical Institutionalism and Economic Policymaking – Determinants of the Pattern of Economic Policy in Brazil, 1930–1960. Bulletin of Latin American Research, v. 24, n. 4, p. 527–542. 2005.
DOI: 10.1111/j.0261-3050.2005.00148.x
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